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Driving on Nantucket beaches - What you need to know

Driving on Nantucket Beaches

Nantucket beaches are a fragile ecosystem that support a large array of plants and wild life. With rare birds nesting in the dunes, endangered grasses, and eroding bluffs, our beach areas are vulnerable and need protecting.

One of the questions I hear a lot is is, “Can I drive my car on the beach?” The answer is
yes but there are strict rules. Here’s what you need to know to drive on our beaches responsibly. Please help keep our Nantucket beaches clean and safe.

You need a permit to drive on any Nantucket beach. This brochure is released by the Town of Nantucket and has everything you need to know for a successful beach drive. Believe me, getting stuck in the sand and waiting hours for a tow, is no fun!  You’ll get a copy when you get your permit. This brochure and your permit must be kept in the car. Permit applications are available here.

Prepare for Your Drive

Your vehicle must be four-wheel drive Adjust your vehicle tires to 12 – 15 p.s.i. Properly equip your vehicle with:

  • Shovel
  • Jack and jack board
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Tow rope
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Trash bags

Respect the Beaches

Please be respectful of waterfront homeowners, and the town, by entering and leaving the beach at designated access points.

  • Remove all your trash when you leave
  • Stay away from wildlife. Birds nest in the dunes and are really hard to see
  • Avoid seals! They might look cute but they’re dangerous

Seems like a lot of rules and regs but they’re intended to keep Nantucket beaches clean and beautiful for generations to come! You can learn more about Nantucket beaches on the town website.