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Historical Home Inspections

Home Inspections Shelly Lockwood
Many buyers want a professional home inspection done before committing to purchase a property. A home inspection will highlight safety, maintenance, and repair issues which need attention. After inspection, the licensed home inspector will email a detailed report, along with pictures of areas of concern, to the potential home buyer.
Historic homes, which are plentiful on Nantucket, were built to standards of past eras. Local inspectors are aware of the extra attention needed to assess these homes regarding issues such as asbestos, old wiring, and outdated plumbing. Buying an historical home includes more due diligence but the rewards of living in a beautiful antique are worth it!
If you are planning to buy and completely renovate an historic home, a detailed inspection is still important. Having an estimate of cost and time needed to complete the renovation is important for any home buyer and there are financing options available specifically for the renovation of historic homes.
Thinking about buying an historic home? I can connect you with architects and builders who are competent navigating the waters of historical preservation on Nantucket