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Nantucket has been part of Shelly Lockwood’s life ever since her dad and his sister hitchhiked from Burlington, Connecticut to Hyannis, Massachusetts in 1971. The two were in search of a beautiful yet laid-back place to live and found exactly that when the steamship docked at Nantucket.

This initial voyage to the island became one of many for Shelly and her family. Every summer was spent on Nantucket, regardless if the home base at the time was in Stowe, Seattle, or Manhattan. From all of these summers, Shelly truly absorbed Nantucket’s essence that had originally drawn her dad and aunt to the island and has since held up a quality life surrounded by beauty. 

Shelly raised her children, Claire and Evan, in Connecticut. While raising her children, she simultaneously bought and sold six homes, bringing out the best qualities of each property before handing them over to grateful new owners. As a firm believer that the spaces we live and grow in help shape who we become, Shelly understands the value of being an excellent and passionate real estate agent, which led her to obtain her license in 2015.

Even after many years of visiting the island and even becoming a year-round resident, Shelly is still in awe of its stunning landscape and ocean vistas. She can be seen running in Eel Point, driving through the moors, and watching beautiful Madaket sunsets.